Tree Memories – Damascus, MD

We met a lovely woman at the Damascus Community Fair this summer, who asked us to make a few items from a couple of logs from a tree that had been cut down. This tree was a beautiful maple that was in her yard as she grew up and she thought it’d be nice to have some boxes and a cutting board made from the tree. We had a wonderful time working on this special project! It took about four months to complete it, from milling the boards, drying them, designing & creating the items, wood burning and finishing. One of the surprises of this project was the incredible pattern created by spalting. Spalting is a wood discoloration that happens by fungus that gets into the wood and it stains the grain, which leaves behind a beautiful pattern, especially with a light colored wood like maple!

Here are some pictures to show the beginning of the project, from the tree to the milled boards:

Here are the final project pictures: