Sawmill & Solar Kiln

Our milling process started out as a hobby with a homemade Alaskan Sawmill, which was created using a chainsaw and a lot of elbow grease! There’s a group of guys that became interested in combining efforts and as the process expanded, it was decided that a bandsaw sawmill would meet the needs better.

The milling process has evolved into a way of dealing with trees that have either come down due to storms or have been damaged. Once the trees have been taken down, the logs are cut up into usable sizes and they are transported to the mill. Trailer with Logs  Logs Waiting to be Milled

The logs are squared off on the mill first and then the boards are cut. After the milling, the boards need to dry.

In a shed, the natural drying process can take several months, so the next upgrade was to speed up the drying process and to build a solar kiln.

Once the boards have reached the proper level of moisture content, it’s ready to be used!

Tracking Wood Moisture

This allows us at LMnA Designs, to use local hardwood that has come from storm-damaged trees. We know where the wood comes from and how the it was obtained.