Tree Memories

Trees are beautiful and majestic living things that have had historical meaning throughout the ages. They have been symbols of life, eternity, and wisdom. Many people can pinpoint a tree that had some memory attached to it or was a symbol of something memorable in their past.

At LMnA Designs, we now offer a service where we will take a downed tree from your property, limbs from a tree, logs that have been cut from a tree, etc. and will mill it into boards and then will make some memorable objects like boxes, frames and cutting boards, that you can have to lengthen the memory of your tree. This is an extended time project due to the drying process of the boards, which can take months and is dependent on multiple variables.


  • How big of a piece of wood is needed or is too big?

    • A minimum diameter of 8″ and a minimum length of 18″ is needed to do this project.

    • A maximum diameter of 24″ and maximum length of 9′ is the largest log that we can process.

  • How does the log get to you?

    • We have a pick-up service that we use where cost depends on mileage. We are able to travel 100 miles from Mount Airy, Maryland for pick-up.

    • We can arrange to meet up at a location within 20 miles of Mount Airy, Maryland, as long as the log is able to fit into the bed of standard pick-up truck.

    • If the log is small enough, you can have the log shipped to us.

  • How long does the drying process take?

    • Between 3 months – 1 year, depending on the thickness of the boards needed for the project and other variables that can be discussed more thoroughly on an individual basis.

  • How many memorable objects can be made and what are the options?

    • The number of memorable objects depends on the amount of wood that is available and the cost limit. Most of the time people ask for 2-5 items.

    • We are able to make anything that you see on the website (as long as enough wood is available). Most people ask for jewelry/momento boxes, frames and cutting boards.

  • How much does a Tree Memory project cost?

    • The cost depends on the amount of wood processed and the number of items desired. A breakdown of charges will be estimated and provided to you before the process begins. Here are some charges to expect:

      • Pick-up fee within 5 miles

        • If logs are less than or equal to 2 feet in length & 14″ in diameter – pick-up is free

        • For bigger logs that require equipment for lifting, loading and possible chainsaw work – fee is to be determined on an individual basis

      • Pick-up fee greater than 5 miles – to be determined on individual basis

      • Milling set-up fee

      • Milling fee by board foot

      • Item design and assembly

      • Wood burning

      • Item finish

      • Shipping, if needed

    • An example:

      • Logs: 2 logs at ~14″ diameter x ~18″ length

      • Local Pick Up (within 5 miles): free

      • Milling set-up fee: $25

      • Milling fee by board foot: $25

      • 9″x6″x3″ box with wood burning & finish: $75

      • 5″ diameter hexagon box with wood burning & finish: $50

      • cutting board: $50

      • Local Delivery (within 5 miles): free

      • Total cost: $225

      • Total time from pick-up to delivery: 4 months

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